What Is New In Social Media?

  • AUTHOR: polaris_admin
  • 20th October 2016
Property Management Marketing
What Is New In Social Media?

If your property management business does not already have a strong social media presence, you are missing out on a priceless (invaluable and free!) marketing tool.  Already established on a social platform? Here’s the latest in the social media realm.


Cross Platforming


This may or may not be entirely new to you, but it would be wise to take a second look at the channels available to you. Without a doubt, you should be utilizing the main three: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, but have you considered the visual benefits of posting dazzling photos of your properties on Instagram? You can also use YouTube to post virtual tours or interviews with residents or community leaders. This will allow prospective renters and buyers to get a 360 view of your company and your listings.


#Hashtag, #Hashtag, #Hashtag


You know those annoying little symbols we used to know as number or “pound” signs? Reinvented as hashtags, these symbols can be a useful tool on social media. Twitter was the first to introduce hashtag searching, but other platforms like Facebook and Instagram now allow you to find other users or pages through a simple hashtag search. Social media is just that – social – meaning people share much of their lives with friends and family through this medium. If you own property in Los Angeles, a hashtag search of #movingtoLA could bring you directly to potential residents. Use this tool to promote your properties in the area, and to connect with local businesses, prospective residents, and the community.


Mobile Takeover


Smartphones revolutionized the internet, coming in quick to take over the desktop position. Everything is now mobile, allowing users to do everything from browsing the internet to paying their bills on the go. Social media is the perfect outlet to take advantage of the mobile takeover. Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more you can display your properties and share information simply. Flaunt your properties on social media, but be sure your website is also mobile friendly so potential residents can find the information needed to find important details and contact you directly.


Social media is a free tool that is absolutely necessary for companies hoping to compete in the digital age. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow your property management business.


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