5 Must Have Task Management Apps for Property Managers

  • AUTHOR: polaris_admin
  • 28th October 2016
Property Management Apps
5 Must Have Task Management Apps for Property Managers

Property management is not a profession handled behind a desk. These community super heroes are constantly on the go, handling tenants, managing buildings, maintaining budgets, and much, much more. Luckily, technology has provided us with new ways to tackle the never-ending to-do’s.


This web-based app is one of the top-rated tools for property managers. It allows you to market your property easily and post vacancies to your own website or others including Trulia, Zillow, Apartments.com, and more with just a few clicks. You can store property information to post quick updates or available units while on the go. You can also download HTML codes and images to make manual posts on sites like Craigslist. AppFolio also offers reports to track the success of marketing moves. This comprehensive app eliminates the need for paper applications by providing prospective residents with an online application tool which allows them to not only apply for a vacancy, but also pay application fees online and store payment information. After the information is entered through the application process, property managers have the option to screen prospective residents instantly, receiving an easy to read report on payment history through Experian RentBureau and their FICO credit report with a click of a button. This app is constantly being update and also features online lease agreements, rent payment options, work order generation and tracking, and much more. Because of its wide range of benefits, AppFolio is a must-have software tool for property managers.

Google Calendar

When we’re talking software tools or expert products, it would be hard to leave out Google tools completely. Google essentially allows you to connect on multiple levels in real time. Google drive, Google Docs, and of course Google Calendar allow you to do exactly that, even on the go. Property managers have a schedule to keep with tenants (current of prospective), property staff, service providers, and more. This mobile calendar can be updated from anywhere and instantly shared with anyone: an assistant, coworker, spouse, etc. You can also choose to only share specific dates or events that you have scheduled with tenants, maintenance staff, and others and e-mail reminders directly to save time. Set reminders for calls, tasks, or appointments and Google Calendar will alert you when they are approaching. Your entire calendar can be synced to any device when you sign in. Google Calendar can also be synced to Google Hangouts which allows you to set up video conferences with clients and share documents directly while in the meeting.

My Inventory Manager

Being a property manager isn’t just about collecting rent and scheduling maintenance. You literally have to manage properties, including all the inventory that comes with that. This app allows you to keep track of every item belonging to the property such as furniture, recreational/sports items, pool supplies, maintenance tools, decorative items, etc. by category, location, and more. Not only can you keep track of who has what and where you can find it, but this app will also tell you when you are running low of items like spare lightbulbs, towels, tools, etc. so you can replace them before you run out. You can also attach photos and details telling you exactly where to find something, even in a cluttered workspace or garage. If you offer furnished or partially-furnished units, this tool can be especially helpful to keep track of which items belong to the property when a tenant is moving out.

Pay By Group

Pay By Group is an interesting, borderline genius app for property managers that allows you to organize rent payments from roommate or multi-tenant units. You can store contact information for each resident, maintain how many residents are in each unit or property, and handle payments on an individual level. This allows you to break down payments based on who is paying what and when each payment comes in. The app makes it easy to handle partial payments on a single unit and eliminates problems and confusion for residents within the same household. With this app, each resident pays their own allotted amount directly. This avoids issues with roommates paying each other, unpaid debts, units with fluid residents (think college students who may only need temporary housing), break ups, etc. You will have a full report on how much each resident is expected to pay and if those requirements are not being met by one or more individuals.

Happy Inspector

This app greatly reduces time spent on creating inspection reports. You can quickly and easily import property or business assets. A massive template library offers comprehensive scoring and cost attribution for a wide range of industries. You can specify data attributes by setting types, finishes, manufacturers, and more for both interiors and exteriors as well as common areas and grounds. Each inspection form can be adjusted by floor plan, sections, and items. An easy to use click and drag function makes modifications simple. You can also input per-item costs to analyze current data and forecast capital budgets. You can also capture time-stamped photos for each item inspected. Add comments or captions for clarity. When you’re finished, authorizing inspections is easier than ever with digital signatures!

When your job is to keep track of hundreds or even thousands of residents, supplies, and tasks, be sure you equip yourself with the means to do it with these comprehensive apps.


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