MWest and Polaris Walk to Make A Change in LA’s Homelessness

  • AUTHOR: DevUserPolaris
  • 1st December 2016
MWest and Polaris Walk to Make A Change in LA’s Homelessness

Our goal at Polaris and MWest Holdings has always been to offer quality office and living spaces, create thriving communities, and provide our residential tenants with a place to call Home.  Paradoxically, we’re located in Los Angeles – a city with the unfortunate distinction of being the nation’s “homeless capital.”   This is a painful for reality for us.  We’re a business, but we’re a business comprised of people who live in Los Angeles and who love their city.  Every day we see our fellow Los Angelenos living on the streets.  Many of them are military veterans who lack the critical care they desperately need and deserve.  Others are chronically homeless and have abandoned all hope of finding resources to improve their situations.

That’s why we’ve made it a priority to help eradicate homelessness in LA by supporting the United Way of Greater Los Angeles.  UWGLA’s goal is to raise people out of poverty, and, through their Home For Good initiative, they’ve identified eradicating homelessness as being critical to that goal.  Their focus is on permanent housing, and support services –  two elements which have proven invaluable in helping people to escape poverty.


For the past four years, Polaris and MWest has chosen to support UWGLA by participating in their annual fundraising event, HomeWalk.  HomeWalk is a 5K run/walk.  This year’s event was held on November 19th and it marked HomeWalk’s 10th anniversary.  More than 15,000 people took to the streets of Downtown Los Angeles and raised over one million dollars to help combat homelessness.   The MWest team included our employees and their families, and together, with the help of our incredible supporters, we surpassed our fundraising goal of $35,000 and raised an amazing $56,400.   This made us the second-highest fundraising team of the year.  MWest president, Karl Slovin, raised $37,840 of that, and for the fourth year running was one of HomeWalk’s top individual fundraisers.  There are few causes closer to our hearts than this one, and we will continue to partner with UWGLA’s Home For Good until every one of our fellow Angelenos finds a home – for good.

We encourage all of our local friends and partners to join us next year for this amazing event.  You can find more information about HomeWalk, and UWGLA’s Home For Good, here: