Why Your Maintenance Technician Will Always Remain Your Go-To-Guy (Or Gal)

  • AUTHOR: DevUserPolaris
  • 19th January 2017
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Why Your Maintenance Technician Will Always Remain Your Go-To-Guy (Or Gal)

Property managers wear many hats, from collecting rent as a landlord to making sure the building is well-kept and employees are tending to necessary tasks. While it may seem like property managers can do it all, hired maintenance technicians are an absolute must for those who want things done right. Here are a few examples why.

Which Repairs Are Needed Immediately
While, as a property manager, you are sure to receive reports and requests from residents and staff about issues and repairs, you may not have the field knowledge to know just how quickly certain repairs should be handled. You do not want to be fixing a light bulb when the resident next door has a mold issue that is only continually getting worse. Maintenance technicians are experts at just that – maintenance, so they know best which repairs can wait a few days and which ones will cost you a fortune to put off.

The Proper Costs of Repairs
Maintenance techs in your building likely know the entire property inside and out. They have replaced bulbs, switches, faucets, carpet, etc. They have assessed a number of renovations, repairs, and damages, and know vendors who can offer parts at a fair price. Many maintenance technicians have worked in a similar field all of their lives, gaining useful contacts and information. This is an incredible asset that should be acknowledged and utilized. You would be surprised how much money you can save on large repairs or the accumulation of hundreds of small maintenance projects if done right.

When to Hire a Professional
Just as property managers are not superheroes, maintenance techs aren’t miracle workers. While almost any normal maintenance and small repair should be easily handled by your maintenance staff, there are times when a professional service may be needed. For instance, if your pool pump is malfunctioning, this may be outside the realm of work handled by your techs. It is always best to hire a professional if your maintenance workers are not confident about the job at hand. Complex repairs or jobs too large to handle in-house should always be handled by an outside professional, particularly at the request of your trusted maintenance crew.

Property managers should strive to build a solid maintenance department that is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and ready for whatever comes their way!

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