How Drone Footage is Changing the Multifamily Industry

  • AUTHOR: polaris_admin
  • 14th August 2017
Drone aircraft remote video camera in blue sky closeup.
How Drone Footage is Changing the Multifamily Industry

The Hollywood Tower from on Vimeo.

Teams within the property management market in Los Angeles see new listings hitting the rental market every day, and more and more we’re looking for ways to distinguish our properties from our competitors. Drone footage is proving to help set some managing agents apart from others.

It’s the Eye in the Sky We’ve Been Waiting For
Drone imagery is changing our industry. The photography from the sky creates a level of visual interest that is unsurpassed, and in a way that’s not that expensive.

What’s more, drones can cut the cost of shooting aerial imagery of a property, since decent models start at around a couple of hundred dollars, and camera attachments aren’t badly priced, either. That means you can use elevated imagery on more listings, no matter the price range.

Depending on the equipment setup you choose to use, drones can shoot video, still photographs, or a combination of both, and you can then edit and share your footage using a range of tools without needing much experience. Overall, you need a cool head and a steady hand to operate a drone.

Drones Are Incredibly Flexible
For those in property management in Los Angeles, drone photography can show potential residents a wide range of details, such as:

    • A property’s roof and other features that may be difficult to access on foot
    • Property surveys and maps
    • Aerial views of an entire property and piece of land
    • The neighborhood and its surrounds, including the property’s proximity to nearby amenities
    • What your route to work would be like, or how you would navigate the school run
    • Local improvement districts and civic developments that a resident’s taxes could go towards
    • Demonstration of how secure an apartment block or property is
    • View security issues from the sky, or use drones to make improvements to overall security, boundary walls, and even the grounds of a property


Beware of the Rules
While drones are certainly changing the multifamily industry and rendering the properties in your portfolio even more appealing to potential residents, the FAA recognizes how the idea of a drone taking footage through a resident’s window could be disturbing. It’s for this reason that they have implemented a list of common-sense and operational rules that property managers should follow when shooting footage.

But, Drones Aren’t Going Anywhere Soon
Using drones for your real estate photography is easier than ever before. Besides the rules that are in place, state, federal, and industrial organizations agree on the major benefits, and drones are here to stay. It means that as a property manager, you can now offer residents a serious “wow” factor complete with incredible photography and unbelievable footage that may just sway their decision.

The full impact of drones may not even be recognized just yet. Sophistication along with ever-improving simplicity in both the devices and their supporting software are providing improvements in usefulness and usability.

Don’t believe us? Check out our drone footage of Hollywood Tower from our portfolio page!