How to Educate Your Residents for an Easy Rental Transition

  • AUTHOR: polaris_admin
  • 21st August 2017
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How to Educate Your Residents for an Easy Rental Transition

From excessive damage to a complete disregard for paying rent on time to even a lack of basic cleanliness, every property manager in L.A. knows that some residents can be a complete nightmare. But, it’s not always a case of the resident being just awful. In fact, the average renter may just be ignorant. After all, many renters have never owned property, and they may not have a proper understanding of the nuances and care that a home needs. What’s more, they may not realize the consequences of their neglect to the home they rent, and to their pocket.

So, how can you educate your residents before they move into a property? The trick is to educate renters. Here are a few tips you may want to cover with potential renters.

1. Read Over the Lease with New Renters
New residents often skim through a lease, but you can prevent this by setting time aside to sit with them to go over their lease in detail. Give your tenants the opportunity to learn your lease expectations so that they can successfully follow them.

2. Create Incentives for Renters
While wanting to avoid eviction or lose a security deposit are certainly incentives, make things fun for residents, and they will be more likely to adhere to your policies. For instance, when you send out monthly emails, make sure to add handy links to blog posts about renter tips. You may even want to consider running a raffle or discounting rent by a small portion to get tenants actively involved in communicating with you and looking after the property.

3. Draw Up a Resident Cheat Sheet
Property managers in L.A. should draw up a cheat sheet for residents to fill in as you are going through the lease with them. Highlight details they need to know about looking after the property, and include information such as the property’s pet policy, how often an air filter ought to be changed, and the date the lease expires. Then, laminate the sheet and encourage residents to keep it on-hand for the duration of the lease.

4. Check in Regularly
Property managers can combat damage to property by fostering their relationship with residents and checking in on a regular basis. Send a short text message once a month, asking if any maintenance issues need to be attended to, and schedule quarterly inspections to check on the condition of the property. Establishing easy communication is an important step in ensuring the property is protected, and residents are happy.

5. Add Helpful Tips to Newsletters
Your monthly newsletter already contains helpful information about guest parking and pool access, but it’s also a good opportunity to educate renters. Add a few tips on how to decorate without damaging a property or how to keep a home tidy, along with any important reminders about resident policies.

Educating your residents does not have to be stressful or time-consuming. A little care can go a very long way to creating a happier home, and a happier property manager.
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