Top Amenities Residents Are Looking for in 2017

  • AUTHOR: polaris_admin
  • 24th August 2017
Top Amenities Residents Are Looking for in 2017

Let’s face it, all residents want amenities that provide security and comfort. But, with evolving times, the way their wishes are met may change. To make sure property managers in Los Angeles stay up to date, here are the top 6 amenities your residents are looking for in 2017.

  1. Security

Feeling safe at home is the top of any resident’s list, and the need for added security has become important. Many residents are asking their L.A. property management representatives for properties that offer features like video recording, durable locks, and monitored security.

  1. Outdoor Amenities

While a home and its features and safety are the most important things residents are looking for, no one wants to be stuck indoors all the time. A welcoming outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment is also top of the wish list this year.

  1. Smart, Convenient Properties

Being able to control access to the home, including things like the thermostat, the lights, and even doors via a smartphone or computer has become a sought-after feature. With hectic schedules, it’s easy to forget to lock the door in your rush to get to work, and having a smart house allows for remote locking and even keyless entry.

  1. Appliances

As property management experts, we know that the cost of moving into a new rental home can put stress on a person’s finances. Having to buy appliances that aren’t included with the home, like a refrigerator, could deter prospective residents. Today’s residents are also looking for luxury appliances, including a washer/dryer, and dishwasher.

  1. A Fitness Center

Staying healthy is important, yet gym memberships can cost a small fortune. More residents are choosing properties that include a fitness center which allows them the freedom from memberships and fees, and the convenience of using a fitness center in the apartment block. Also, residents are looking for outdoor amenities like swimming pools, tennis courts, and golf courses.

  1. A Property Manager

Residents want honest and respected landlords, or property managers. With rental scams on the rise, tax deed sales, foreclosures, and other such things forcing residents out of a property, residents have become wiser than ever. Just as an L.A. property management team does research before agreeing to rent a property to someone, so do people research the reputation of property managers and landlords. Search engines, social media, and property records offer quick, easy ways to comfort prospective residents that they won’t be forced to move out due to a legal surprise from a property owner.

What Are Your Residents Looking For?

Positive amenities that tick the boxes on a resident’s wish list can make them feel like they are receiving benefits to reside in the properties that you manage. As experts in property management in Los Angeles, providing safe, secure homes with all the modern conveniences lead to a desired rental and happy tenants. To find out more about our portfolio or how we can manage your property, contact Polaris Property Management today.