How to Put Together an A+ Property Management Team

  • AUTHOR: polaris_admin
  • 5th September 2017
Polaris Property Management Staff
How to Put Together an A+ Property Management Team

What’s the secret to putting together a top-notch property management team in Los Angeles? Well, for starters, just as with any other type of workplace, a property management team will function more effectively when everyone on the team works together to bring different expertise and talent to the company.

Putting Together a Super-Star Team

So, how do you put together a dream team? The key is to start with the right people. It may sound easy enough, but having the right team in the right place can go a long way to putting together a strong team. It also helps to figure out what you’re looking for as a property management company, and what you want your team members to bring to the table.

The interview process is next. Interview your prospective team members holistically – as in, the person in their entirety and not just what’s on their resume. As a professional property management company is L.A., take the time to introduce potential staff members to your key team players and take note of how they react. Then, find out what their personal goals are and not just their career ambitions. Find out if they enjoy being part of a team or prefer to work alone. Knowing these things from the get-go can help with your hiring decision.

Opportunities for the Team

Once you’ve assembled your star team, be sure to offer ongoing advancement and educational opportunities. If your office is small, those opportunities may be limited, but there’s no reason not to mentor your team and get them ready to move up the property management ladder. You can also aim to cross train your team – most staff members are eager to learn or perfect their skills.

Keep Your Door Open

An open-door policy truly nurtures a winning team. While many Los Angeles property management seniors may profess to having an open-door policy, there are few who practice what they preach. It’s all about taking the time to listen to your members of staff without repercussions or judgment.

Steps to Creating an A+ L.A. Property Management Team?

Here are a few steps that will help you build your team:

  • Competence – the right people will have the right skills for the job
  • Expectations – set clear expectations for the team to meet
  • Empowerment – help individuals and the team to understand what impact they have in the greater scheme of things
  • Commitment – make sure each member of the team is committed to achieving shared goals
  • Collaboration – team members should be able to work together to problem solve, so be sure to promote team interaction and communication
  • Accountability – team members should be held accountable for the tasks or goals they agree to achieve

Overall, creating a strong group of property managers that work well together can go a long way towards building a team of people that, together, will create a positive and successful property management business.

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