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The Importance of Running Your Community Like a Boss

Property managers wear many hats. They often become rent collectors, inspectors, maintenance workers, repairmen, appointment setters, concierges, and even friends. On a bad day, they sort out neighbor feuds,... Read more

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5 Reasons Why Property Management is a Must

Owning residential or commercial property can be extremely lucrative and rewarding if done right. One downfall of owning rental properties is the time and effort required to manage such... Read more

Tips for Helping Residents Moving to a New Area

  Moving is almost always stressful, but relocating to a new area can be especially intimidating and overwhelming. Here are some tips to make your new residents feel at... Read more

Los Angeles Property Management
Writing the Best Community Newsletter

A community newsletter is a powerful property management tool that can be used to communicate an array of topics to your residents. The challenge to doing this successfully is... Read more

Property Management Marketing
Email Marketing Tips for Property Managers

The digital era has vastly changed the way we do business, reach prospective clients, and communicate with others. When it comes to marketing, email is still an ever-present, evolving... Read more

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5 Ways to Make a Lasting Impression

    We often make decisions in life-based solely on first impressions. Something in our gut directs us in one way or another, and often this initial feeling lasts... Read more