Giving Back

We’re always trying to be a good impact on our community, above and beyond our day to day work. Polaris believes in helping others and has a special interest in ending homelessness. Los Angeles has the unfortunate distinction of being the homeless capital of the nation, with a good percentage of these individuals being veterans and chronically homeless. MWest is partnering with Home For Good, which seeks to end homelessness in Los Angeles County, and demonstrates our support through continuing participation in the annual HomeWalk fundraising event.


homewalkOur goal in partnering with the Home For Good is to accelerate change in the Los Angeles area. We support the heroic efforts that the organization has made to provide realistic solutions to end homelessness. The accomplishments Home For Good has made so far in year one of the initiative are remarkable. The Year 1 goal was to house 1,700 homeless individuals. This goal was exceeded by housing 2,273 homeless individuals. Originally taking 168 days to get a homeless individual from the streets into housing, now takes only 100 days. Still too long, but an enormous improvement. The goal for Year 2 is to enable veterans and chronically homeless people to move into housing in less than 60 days. Polaris is thrilled to support this amazing organization and be a part of the solution to end homelessness in Los Angeles. We encourage you to join us in supporting the critical work Home For Good is doing.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

Polaris Property Management understands the importance of having a place to call Home. A home brings dignity, self-respect, and a connection to a larger, more vibrant community. As a Los Angeles-based real estate company whose portfolio includes numerous multi-family residential properties, we see this every day. As residents of Los Angeles, we also see the consequences of not having a home. Homelessness crushes the human spirit and directly contributes to the collapse of neighborhoods and to the disintegration of the city’s social fabric. For those of us at Polaris, ending homelessness is not a goal, it’s a necessity. That’s why we are proud to support the Home For Good action plan and to participate in this year’s HomeWalk. By working together, we can get everyone Home.

Karl Slovin
Polaris Property Management LLC